Stretches You Should Be Doing.

Stretching is one of the most important things to add to your daily/exercise routine. Sadly, it is widely neglected by most of us. A lot of us know we should stretch and stretching is good for us. But most times we don’t really know why it’s that big of a deal or where we should...
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Top 10 Rookie Training Mistakes for Volleyball

There’s no shame in it, we all are rookies at one point. If you want some serious advice, learn from those who have been there before. Before I wrote this article I struggled with it because I know how it always goes. No matter how many people tell you these things, you’re stubborn and will...
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Top 5 Exercises Volleyball Players Should Know.

Just the other day I was watching a short snippet of an online video covering one of Tony Robbins seminars that he was giving. It was basically a commercial promoting his current tour that he is on called #TonyTalks. Anyways, the video showed him talking about why individuals can have such a hard time with...
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Want a Higher Vertical? Box Jumps are not the Answer.

I call it the Golden Question. If you’re a personal trainer for a considerable amount of time you’re bound to hear it at least 1,000 times. The reason I call it the golden question is because it’s the very first question you immediately get from people when they find out you’re a personal trainer. It...
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Be a Bigger Jar.

If my instincts serve me right I would say that you’ve probably been playing volleyball for quite some time now. My best guess would be 5 or more years. Some of those years you played more than others, some you were probably too busy with things going on in your life that you didn’t spend...
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